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Mystical Lore

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Mystical Tales for a Magical Life

Ancient Ceremonies Healing

  Ancient African Legends and Myths

Personal Stories of Mystical Experience

Ancient Mystic Woman Tales Legends

Story of Mystical Lore

Ancient Wisdom Retold and Lived

Have you ever wondered what the mystical meaning of a butterfly might be or why a Kachina doll is used in spiritual rituals by Native Americans?  Do you know what Shamanic Drumming is and how it can help you step into another spiritual realm for knowledge to bring about spiritual healing?

How about the mystical power of candles, bells, colors or frankincense and myrrh to cleanse your home, spirit or body temple?

For thousands of years, this Mystical Lore for a Magical Life has been available to us but was often hidden by those in positions of power so that we could not readily understand. Now in this new age, Mystical Lore  is being brought forth with Ancient Ceremonies for healing our body temples and our world.

This knowledge can be used for good or evil.  Those who choose to use it in an uplifting way will find themselves living a more happy, healthy and prosperous life.  However, we want to give this warning out, also, to those who choose to use it wrongly – you shall find it closing in upon you with disastrous results.

The Law of the Circle cannot be changed nor altered and you shall reap what you sow.

This website shall be devoted to sharing Mystical Lore from all over the world from the major religions as well as pagan spirituality in the hopes that it will be a great light of wisdom to guide all who read it to a greater understanding of themselves and their spiritual connection with all life. We shall especially bring you Ancient Mystic Women Tales and Legends and Ancient Africa Legends and Myths.


We will also offer books, products and spiritual tools from the core of these ancient teachings to help you in modern society today.


We hope you will support us!



The Woman Behind Mystical Lore

H   eD. M. "Sista' Joy" Foster

Heading 2

HSpiritual Guide, Storyteller, Author & Mystic

Hello and Welcome to our Mystical Lore Website!

When I was four years old, I was visited by Divine Beings and given a Spiritual Vision.   A powerful mystical experience, it has followed me all of my life and I have followed it. 


   Angels have awakened me with a touch on my forehead, trees have healed my body temple and mystical dreams have protected me from disease and disaster.


All my life,

I have felt the powerful protection and guidance

of these invisible,

Divine Beings standing guard.


 In dire situations, they have even made their presence visible.


   Mystical Revelations and Spiritual Visions from these 'great ones,'

have, also, been given to me to pass on to others

that their troubled souls might be healed

or their life paths redirected.


 Only an instrument of help, I take no personal credit.

Instead, I bow my head in humble gratitude and prayer

that I have been found worthy for such as this.    


Studying Spiritual Teachings from the East and the West for

most of my life; in 1985, I became an

 Independent Student of the 'I AM'

and the Great Ascended Masters. 

 I have had many transcendent experiences

since that time.  


Some say Mystical Lore is nothing more than superstition.

However,  in my own life many of the teachings, tools

and techniques

have been proven to be true.


No one can say what is

right for another. 

You must prove it for yourself. 


 Do so with a careful eye and a loving heart.  Listen to your own

Divine Intuition and you will be guided aright. 


The Great Ascended Masters teach us that there are more things

in heaven and earth than man know of.

How true I know this to be.


I will share Mystical Lore through our biweekly podcast and

will also recommend books, tools and techniques that will be

of benefit to you mentally, physically and spiritually.  


Additionally, upon qualification, I am available for

Spiritual Consultation and Coaching. 


Please subscribe to our website to keep up to date

on our events, classes, weekly blogs, free e-books and monthly newsletter.


Thank you 

 Peace Be With You



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